The moon, the Sun

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Tank: Urban Outfitters (on sale!) | Sweater: Banana Republic | Necklace: gift, J Crew (thanks Mom)
 Denim: Gap | Boots: Schutz | Blanket Scarf: Old Navy | Tote: Cuyana 

I feel that my whole life has been a ping pong match between feeling soft and feeling tough. I am both of those things, and it's lead to some pretty hilarious style (and life) choices. This muscle tank paired with a huge cozy sweater is a perfect example - weird? Yes. But did I feel 100% like myself in it? Yes indeed.

It's only fitting that the tank itself is about duality, too: la lune, le solieil. 

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Bundling Up (California Style)

Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Sweater: Banana Republic (on sale!) | Denim, plaid shirt: Gap | Boots: Schutz | Hat: Anthropologie 

Even on the coldest day in California, this is pretty much all you need. (Maybe a blanket scarf, too.)

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New romantic

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Sweater: Banana Republic | Shorts: Lauren Moffat | Shirt: Forever21 | Headscarf: Anthropologie
Tote: Cuyana | Shoes: Payless | Tights: Gap | Belt: thrifted  |  Lipstick: Sephora "The Red"

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Icons: Natalie Joos

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

image via Let It Be

In a world that seems to worship the minimal, strict, controlled, monochrome, perfectionist aesthetic, I am a complete outlier. Sure, I can appreciate the beauty of plain black linen pants, a strappy black tank top, and impeccably styled hair - but I'm messier than that. I love color and pattern and things that don't match. 

No matter the of-the-moment trend, 
I will always, always, always gravitate toward the celebratory. 

Enter Natalie Joos - writer of the blog Tales of Endearment, modeling/casting director, style queen. Rarely have I ever seen anyone dress with such joy & abandon and I cannot get enough of her. 

Image via Glitter Guide

Image via ElleUK

Image source unknown

Image via Styabl

image via Let It Be

image via Let It Be

Image via Refinery29

image via Let It Be

Here are a few past posts on my style icons (surprise surprise, they're all visual optimists, too): 

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Yes, you can rock a tie. (Without buying one.) Here's how.

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Image via Madewell Blog

Image via 

Image via Style Caster

I've been wanting to rock a silk tie for a while now. They're as adorable as they are seductive, and every time I walk by a girl wearing one I think "Damn, she is cool." Even so, I haven't been able to commit to buying one. I often find myself having buyer's remorse with silly accessories - did I really need that hunting cap? Or that huge sparkly clutch? Probably not. It's lead me to be less trendy in my accessories purchases. 

Then I had an idea - all I need is a cute bit of floppy, drapey fabric, right?  

Voilà, a fabric tie belt from a zillion year old H&M dress, reborn as a floral tie! 

Blouse: Anthropologie | Tie (from an old dress): H&M | Denim: Madewell | Sunglasses: Forever 21 

I know you've got one of those old, random fabric-tied dresses in your closet. Go grab the belt and try something new!

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