I, Marie Elliott, am a 31 year old lady. 

I make my bed every single morning, I believe passionately in cocktail hour, I'm a Year of the Rabbit Libra, Leo Rising, Moon in Capricorn. This means I am soft & tough, wise & naive, social but private. Born in Houston Texas, raised in Ann Arbor Michigan. I moved to Chicago when I was 17 to pursue a degree in music, and ended up with a degree in History of Art & Architecture. I left my beloved Chicago to chase a hazy dream of living in San Francisco - here I am 5 years later, obsessed with California. I began working in retail as a fluke and I've been doing it ever since. I'm a web producer.

My long term goal is to live a life that is worthy of storytelling. 

Fashion & style have always been a joyous distraction for me. I have extremely stylish parents and a curious eye, which lead me through several phases of dressing.  My earliest style-memory involved me insisting on wearing a neon rainbow headband with a light pink flowery dress for picture day at St. Vincent DePaul in Houston when I was in kindergarten, and my older sister throwing a fit at me because they "didn't match". I didn't care, and that school picture is where it all began.

When I was in fifth grade I wanted to dress like a boy, and only wore baseball caps, jerseys, and baggy jeans. In sixth grade I wouldn't leave my house without sparkly chopsticks and butterfly clips in my hair. In seventh grade I thought I was a surfer and wore nothing but board shorts and Hawaiian flower prints. In 9th grade I decided it was acceptable to wear slippers and pajama pants to school. Ultimately, I've never been afraid to be ridiculous. These days I'm less experimental in my obsessions, but always just as curious. 

This blog began on a lonely February 2010 afternoon. It formed at the intersection of a few things: a frustrating job, a lack of creative outlet, and major post-collegiate confusion in a tanking economy. I needed a place to collect my visual thoughts. "So What If I Like Pretty Things" is a song by Rufus Wainwright that I've always loved, and is also a good assessment of how I feel about style blogging overall. I understand that I lead a lucky life, and the luxury that style and fashion are. When it comes down to it, I know it doesn't matter at all what I wear, or what anyone wears. So what. Who cares. The truth is, my whole life has revolved around loving the "so whats". The things that are technically non-essential, but whose absence would make life so much less bright, and whose absence would make history impossible to interpret. Music. Art. Fashion/Style.

Though I don't know much about fashion, I do know about style - my own, at least. That's what I aim to write about. This isn't a comprehensive guide to dressing or a up-to-the-minute source for info on designers, labels, or trends. It's a log of what I wear, what excites me about clothes, and what inspires me. I'm not big on brands and I'm certainly not big on luxury. I don't get paid to do this, and I'm sure I never will. 
My style is a direct extension of my feelings and thoughts, 
and that's why So What If I Like Pretty Things exists.