Sunday Inspiration: 11 bright, romantic, cozy (gender-neutral) bedrooms

Image via  MyDomaine

Image via MyDomaine

My boyfriend and I are hoping to move from our place in Oakland to San Francisco this summer. I know, I know: I'm a damn idiot for even considering moving into the most cut-throat messed up rental market in the country. Every single person I've talked to about it looks at me with concern, confusion, and that raised one-eyebrow thing that oozes Oh, honey no. But, my reasons are my own!!! I'm going to at least give it a try - and looking at listings has gotten me very excited about redecorating with a clean slate.

Since Trevor and I moved in together a couple of years ago I've had to take into account our verrrrry different personalities while decorating - which can be harder than it seems. Honestly part of me could happily live in shades of glitter & pink, or in a glorified all-white Restoration Hardware situation, but the collision of our two styles makes things so much more fun & interesting. Here are 11 bedrooms I am digging that I think we could both be happy to fall into at the end of a long day.

I love the simple, vintage painting paired with the graphic black & white rug here. Bonus points - we already own the rug! It's from IKEA and it's the most magically durable, cat-proof rug in the universe. I highly recommend.
Image via Style Me Pretty

I love that the headboard, pillows, and duvet make an ombre effect in this bedroom. And the white side-table lamp is a nice modern touch.
Image via An Unlined Page

This room uses texture as it's focal point instead of colors: the rough edged throw, woven basket, and nubby rug all add visual interest.
Image via Wit & Delight 

This room is all about the window, and I love the sculptural cactus in the corner. Light grey sheets + white duvet = the calmest sea of zzzzzz's. 
Image via Design Crush Blog 

The red and white elements in this room give it a warm, pink glow - which looks beautiful with all the plants & the grey couch.
Image via Cup of Jo 

This room is simplicity at it's best - whites, blues, stripes, greenery, and a little color in the rug. I also love the moody black & white photograph behind the bed. 
Image via Refinery29

I've never been drawn to dark bedding before, but there's something about this one I love. The mix of linen and velvet feels luscious, and I love the orange & leather accents paired with the dark windowpanes. 
Image via Fashion Squad

Pom poms on the throw blanket?? YES PLEASE. The stripes keep them tame and the rug adds a jolt of life. Again, love the black & white photograph above the bed. 
Image via Sarah Sherman Samuel  

I included this bedroom in a post on SWIILPT back in the day, but I cannot get enough of it. I love the wide stripe paired with the microstripes and macrame on the bed, the furry pillow, the random baseball bat and the skull vase on the simple bedside table - but of course, the star of this room is the neon. Mine wouldn't say "fuck", but I still think it's an awesome touch. (I'm praying neon doesn't become one of those massive design trends that becomes obnoxious and cliched...)
Image via Toby Scott 

Saving the best for last. This is my all-time favorite bedroom I've ever seen on Pinterest. It's hard to say why, but I love the mixture of patterns and the addition of a few warm, but deliberate accents: baby pink, caramel, gold, and sage green. It feels feminine but not at all girly, playful but completely romantic. Basically I just want to copy this exact situation. 
Image via Bloggaibagis 

All of these images came from my Pinterest board Spaces - come fall down the inspiration rabbit hole with me!