7 DIY projects I'd tackle this weekend (if I had a single crafty bone in my body)

I'll be up front: I am NOT crafty. You'd think that the combo of my passion for vintage, my love of art, and my deep respect for up/recycling would lead to crafting prowess...but alas. I have zero attention span or follow-through when it comes to at-home craft projects. (Who has time to walk to the craft store and buy all this shit? Who has 6 hours to set aside on a weekend for total solitude and creative serenity? Who manages to keep calm when your beautiful art projects inevitably turn into strange, malformed Pinterest fails?? If you do please immediately share your secrets with the class.) That doesn't mean I don't like to ogle cool craft projects online and imagine that one day I could find the focus needed to complete one.....

Here are 7 gorgeous DIYs that I've pinned that I may someday have the dedication to actually make happen. 

DIY Hanging copper hat rack, via A Pair & A Spare
I love how simple & functional this is. Right now my hats sit on the corner of a floor mirror, which means they sometimes get squashed and misshapen against the wall. As a former visual merchandiser I love the idea of clothes/hats as display. 

DIY Tassel Embellishments, via CommonThread
These tassels would be great in a million ways: key chains, backpack charms, napkin rings...honestly I would even turn them into earrings. So cool.

DIY Jeweled Heels, via HonestlyWTF
I'd feel like a queen clomping around in these beauties - they could compliment a midi skirt or elevate my faded Levi's. And I have plenty of vintage clip-ons that could be repurposed as shoe embellishments. 

DIY Braided camera strap, via Almost Makes Perfect
I would love to attach something so beautiful to the DSLR I bought last fall. A strap this pretty could even make my camera less cumbersome to carry (sometimes the strap it came with scratches my neck if I carry it too long.)

Woven Necklace DIY, via A Beautiful Mess
This necklace could be executed a million ways depending on the vibe you wanted - I'd make it with polymer clay in muted brights (oranges, teals, light pinks....). Or possibly thick, clear glass beads for a minimalist effect. 

Glamorous Gilded Mug, via Apartment Therapy
(originally from Garland of Grace, which seems to now be out of commission) 
Though the original source on how to make these mugs seems to be offline, I think it's done with painter's tape, gold sharpies, and as much precision as one can muster. Humble materials but they look so luxe! I'd love to fill my kitchen cabinets with these. 

DIY Wooden centerpiece boxes, via Tell Love and Party
I'd make 6-7 of these in different sizes and line my windowsills with them - they'd also be beautiful as herb boxes. 

All of these images & projects were found on Pinterest - come through and see what else I'm pinning!