Embarrassed or obsessed? The five year test.

You know that feeling you get when someone tags a photo of you that was taken back in high school? Where you see a notification from a suspiciously random old acquaintance, your gut drops, you click the link as fast as you can, only to find a photo of you in a lavender spaghetti strap tank top, horrible Silver jeans, butterfly hair clips, sparkly pink lip gloss, and a pair of Adidas slides? Yeah, THAT feeling. The sobering, silly, sickening reminder that everything we thought was cool was actually RI-DICULOUS, and we all looked like idiots.

I've learned to ignore that panic. I've been writing SWIILPT for a few years, which means that there are a shit ton of old photos of me wearing ridiculous outfits floating around the internet. There is nothing I can do about it, and I'm okay with it because I've accepted that all of the things we wear will eventually end up as hilarious mementos of decades past. That's part of the truth of fashion: none of it truly matters, it's all fleeting, it'll all eventually fade into cliche. But the lack of consequence is where the magic is: if everything will someday be silly, then why not try whatever your heart desires? 

ANYWAY. In the spirit of Throwback Thursday, and celebrating the silliness of fashion, here are some outfits that I was wearing in the summer of 2011. I lived in my beloved Chicago and spent a solid 60% of my life goofing off with my wonderful friends. (The other 40% was spent desperately trying to make rent every month.) I'll tell you right now, there are some AWKWARD ones, so enjoy! 

Initial reaction: actually...I'm alright with this. 
Embarrassed or obsessed? I guess I just feel fine with it.
Would I wear any of this now? Yeah - I still miss those shoes daily. The shirt is pretty, too.

Initial reaction: YAS KWEEN. 
Embarrassed or obsessed? OBSESSED.
Would I wear any of this now? I still own all of it, head to toe. So YAS KWEEN.

Initial reaction: So....much....happening....that skirt is so tight.......how the hell did I get that belt to stay on? 
Embarrassed or obsessed? Pure embarrassment. I look like I'm rushing a slutty vaguely bohemian sorority.
Would I wear any of this now? No, no, no. Maybe the necklace or shoes.

Initial reaction: OH. GOD.
Would I wear any of this now? NNNNNOPE. (But maybe the shoes.)

Initial reaction: Safe & cute.
Embarrassed or obsessed? Neither...I'm fine with this.
Would I wear any of this now? Sure? 

Initial reaction: Man, I wish I knew where that shirt ended up...
Embarrassed or obsessed? Obsessed.
Would I wear any of this now? Head to toe, I'd do it again.

Initial reaction: I distinctly remember buying this shirt in an effort to make a boy I liked think I was sexy. Pretty sure it worked. 
Embarrassed or obsessed? Love the idea of it, but still embarrassed. I thrifted that skirt and I've never worn anything shorter in my life.
Would I wear any of this now? Nah.

Embarrassed or obsessed? Mortified. I want to crawl into a hole and hide just looking at it.
Would I wear any of this now? I wear the t-shirt to sleep sometimes, does that count?

You win some you lose some, right? :)