Current Obsession: Glorified Pajamas

Image via  Hunkemoller

Image via Hunkemoller

I admit it, I was one of those weird, tragic high schoolers that wore pajamas and slippers to school sometimes. I think I thought I was making some kind of statement: I don't need to dress up for these people, I'm too tired and cool to care. I won't even get dressed. Ohhhh what a pose! I was clearly fishing for some attention by wearing white, glittery slippers to class. I also recall a particular pair of baggy light pink fleece pants that said "princess" on the butt....hahahahahhhhhhhaaaaaaaa memories.

Anyway! There's a way to do pajamas-as-clothes that doesn't involve flammable drawstring pants printed with Disney characters. When done right, pajamas in the wild come off as glamorous and adult, which is pretty much the vibe I always aspire to strike when I leave my house. Pulling it off takes panache, so proceed with caution!

Image via  Asos

Image via Asos

I think there are 3 versions of Daytime Pajamas that work: 1) lacy, slip-like pieces 2) matching tops & bottoms, and 3) ridiculously soft, comfortable clothes that you could go home, curl up in a ball in your bed and pass out in - no outfit change necessary. I'm a fan of all three. 

Image via  LA Cool & Chic

Image via LA Cool & Chic

Done properly, the look gives off a so-wrong-it's-right aura that I'm drawn to. It's fun to live in the illusion that I always look so glamorous lounging around my house that I don't even need to get dressed when I leave. (Current visual for you: polka dotted shorts, an old t-shirt, whale-spout hair, mascara fringe under my eyes, and for some reason.....only one sock. I'm not kidding.) 

Tons more inspiration in the gallery below, and over on my Pinterest account. My fashion goal for this week is to pull off one PJ outfit during the day!