#iloveyoucalifornia: San Francisco City Hall


Last week two of my closest friends got married, and I had the honor of going with them to City Hall in San Francisco to pick up their marriage license. I can't believe I haven't had a reason to go inside City Hall in the three years I've lived in California, but it honestly blew my mind. It was the absolute perfect backdrop for two people so in love with this city, and so in love with each other.

It was yet another reminder pf how incredible California is. If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen me gush over Cali using the hashtag #iloveyoucalifornia oh, about 1,000 times - - and I thought it could be a nice series to bring into SWIILPT! I'll be posting about my love for this state periodically, and you can expect musing on any & everything that keeps me falling in love with California.

So, the first #iloveyoucalifornia post is all about San Francisco's City Hall. It may be the grandest building I've ever been in - beaux-arts opulence in every direction. It always amazes me when government buildings are beautiful...I guess it's the idea that at one point aesthetics were considered important enough to build a gorgeous structure for something as unsexy (but vital) as city/county governmental operations. Like the building was as important as the work being done inside. Maybe that's just my art school nostalgia talking, but either way I crushed REAL hard on this beauty.