Three small ways I’m trying to be a better human


For today’s Wellness Wednesday post, I wanted to keep it quick and easy. Here are three ways I’m trying to be a better human to the earth, my community, and myself. Highly recommend all three.


I know this is the least sexy thing on EARTH, but hear me out. Did you ever think about the fact that when we throw food scraps into the garbage instead of composting, those scraps waste away in a landfill, and release methane gas into the air?? That means matter that started off as edible/great/renewable ends up in a dead end, poisoning the air and contributing to climate change. And I’m no expert but I can confidently say that the great majority of us don’t think twice about throwing food waste into the trash.

Yeah, real depressing.

But, don’t panic: it’s a preventable, fixable problem. Here’s a quick video from Kiss the Ground that helps explain how composting can help to reduce climate change.

I admit I didn’t know much about composting til moving to California, but what I know now has made me a major believer. SF is a world leader in composting efforts and it is insanely easy to compost here. It’s actually required. Between residences and businesses, SF currently collects 600 tons of compost A DAY. YAH. Pretty staggering! I have this $21 bin on my kitchen counter, and every time I have food scraps I throw them in. Two or three times a week, I take the compost outside and throw it into our city-provided green compost bin. It gets picked up every Monday. THAT’S IT. SF, there is truly no excuse not to do this. And if you just thought “yeah but I don’t want my kitchen to smell or get bugs”, know this: if you take it out as often as you need to, it doesn’t smell and you’ll never get bugs. Really! If I can do it, anyone can.

I know it’s not this easy to compost everywhere, and not every city has invested in providing compost bins to all residences. I wish they all would. But until then, a simple Google search should be able to tell you how to start composting in your city.

[ PS, just cause I love you, Chicago… here are some local specifics for ya - you can drop of your compost scraps at many local farmer’s markets, some of them for free. Here’s a link to a list of locations offering drop-offs throughout this year. You can also pay $20 a month to be provided with a 5-gallon compost bucket, and someone will come pick it up weekly, bi weekly, or monthly. Here’s a link to a list of organizations that offer pick ups in Chicago.]

Checking in on, adjusting, & increasing all those small monthly donations we all set up in a rage at the end of 2016.

Remember when we felt devastated, numb, and utterly hopeless after the 2016 election, and none of us knew what to do, so we decided to set up small monthly donations to orgs that would fight the incoming administration’s aggression & policies? It feels like a good time to check back in on them!

I’ve gone through mine and upped the amounts where I could, and also reallocated some of my dollars to new orgs I’ve heard about in the last year. My monthlies were spread across a few categories: reproductive rights, climate justice, independent media, racial justice, politics, and art. This year I also wanted to make sure that more of my dollars were going towards arts organizations so I looked for new orgs to donate to (helloooo, Elevate Oakland!).


I am a better person when I’m physically active. I’m happier, more relaxed, less short-tempered, more forgiving, and I sleep way better. I’ve been on a really positive physical trajectory over the past several months and the difference in my daily mood is INSANE. Most days I schedule some time to get in a real workout, but even on days I can’t I try really hard to create a small wedge of time to be physical. Whether that’s taking my jumprope outside and jumping for 10 minutes, or getting off of BART a stop early to add an extra mile or two to my walk home after work, or dancing/lip-syncing in my bathroom mirror before I hop in the shower. They all feel great and make me a better person.