Icons: Garance Doré

image via  Zara

image via Zara

I have adored illustrator/photographer/blogger Garance Doré since I first read her blog many years ago, and her style is impeccable. It's grown-up, understated, and completely luxurious. She is an icon to me even though our styles couldn't possibly be more different (sometimes I think my best teachers are ones who are completely opposite of me). She is all about the signature: her tousled short hair, her minimal color palette, her pointed stilletos...I love the common threads she pulls through her outfits, and how she is able to make something as classic as a white button down completely exciting again.

Someday when I'm wildly successful and fabulous, when all my ducks are in a row and I can get around to things like cultivating the perfect color palette for my skin, I aspire to have a wardrobe like hers. 

All images from my Pinterest.