#iloveyoucalifornia: Point Lobos State Natural Reserve


Iโ€™m taking you to a very special spot for my first #iloveyoucalifornia post in 1,000 years ๐Ÿ™ƒ Point Lobos Reserve is one of my all-time favorite corners of this gorgeous state. Itโ€™s just off highway 1, south of Carmel, and North of Big Sur: the perfect 2 1/2 hour drive from San Francisco. Itโ€™s a gorgeous exhibition of everything that makes coastal California so incredible: coves, forests, cliffs, marine life, rich history, breaking waves, hiking, birdwatchingโ€ฆ.I could go on. Thereโ€™s even a tiny cabin that was built by Chinese immigrants in the 1850s that has been converted to a museum housing information about the history of the area. Itโ€™s dope.

Point Lobos has some very accessible & low-stress hiking trails, which makes it a perfect place to bring family when they visit and want to experience some coastal goodness. Itโ€™s gorgeous in all seasons: foggy & moody in the summer, and chilly & bright in the winter months. The picture below was taken in December, and is totally unedited - the water becomes insanely blue when the sky is clear. One tip: if the parking lot is full, which it usually is, you can park on either side of Highway 1 outside the entrance to the park and just walk in.